Has established operations center in Cusco city, because people team work for you and love culture.

The professionalism and experience that accompanies us every program and activity that we offer to you, it is satisfactiry to treir requirements in different packages that we offer.

Our company has modern, comfortable own buses that it has seesight to give a better attention the tourist.

We hope that present marks the beginning a friendship and good relations commercial relations.




Specialization of our services, people team, and resources to guarantee across experience and exclusivity.

We offer privated service across the design and accomplishment of programs agreement to the exigency and expectation of customer.

We operate the scene and the areas with whole professionalism and competitiveness that needs tourism.

We keep a spirit of sensibility, dutifulness cultural. We give the logistic team and professional.




Our Company has tour guides with experience and professionalism. They speak different foreign languages. Our guides always receive courses every month to be in a competitive level . The guides are qualified to offer the first aids. Transfer speaks foreing language. Transfer, speaks foreign language.



Portal Confituria Nº265 OF. 2 Plaza de Armas Cusco Perú

Phone: +51-84-224176

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RPC: 994653213

Emails: info@flamencotravel.com  /  flamencotravel@hotmail.com

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Operadora en programas de Aventura y Tradicionales en la ciudad del Cusco